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"Soma" Review

Underrated and often forgotten, "Soma" was the next game from game company "Frictional Games" who previously created "Amensia: The Dark Descent", a game that Youtube lets-players used to farm views out of which lead to it becoming a huge hit. I've never played Amnesia but after playing this game I'm more curious than ever.

The story revolves around Simon Jarrett, a man who is recovering from a car crash when his doctor asks him to try out a machine that will speed up the recovery process. When Simon does try it on, he wakes up and finds himself in a dilapidated space station infested with raptor looking robots and creatures that want to kill you. And so we traverse into this space station looking for what exactly happened. The thing I love about this game is its story. It's a very original, very fresh take on the whole creatures up in space genre. There is a whole lot more to the game than what I just explained and it's way better to not …

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