Triple Trouble: "Zoombies", "The Starving Games", "Rodeo and Juliet" Reviews


Brought to you by "The Asylum", which isn't a company known for its groundbreaking movies, "Zoombies" is definitely what you can expect. The film is about a virus that turns zoo animals into undead, bloodthirsty zombies. It's not as cool as it sounds. There is a group of people who have to escape the zoo at some point and you care for none of them. It follows very much "the Asylum" method of being tongue-in-cheek and amping up the cheese and camp up to eleven. It's almost redundant to call these kind of movies bad because the creators know that they're doing a bad movie and aren't trying too hard. There is fun to be had here, especially with a group of friends. When zombie giraffes and zombie gorillas start popping up, it's hard not to just give in to the movie.

Pros: - Kifo the Gorilla

Grade: C-

                                                         "THE STARVING GAMES"

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer managed to make even worse movies than they have done before. At least, "Epic Movie" or "Disaster Movie" has somewhat of a plot that they follow, as halfhearted as it is. "The Starving Games" is simply just a bunch of unfunny jokes one after the other. There is no plot, they either rely on a slapstick jokes, a sexual joke, or a random cameo of a lookalike of a celebrity to come and get killed. For example, Kantmiss Evershot shoots an arrow and misses but hits Psy instead. Or how a bunch of guys that look like "The Avengers" come in to make impressions of the actual "Avengers" only to be blown up by mines. The film isn't even funny with friends. It is just completely hard to watch and you will cringe at several points in the film.

Pros: NONE

Grade: D

                                                             "RODEO AND JULIET"

I'll be honest, I didn't really pay attention to this movie since for the first half of the movie some friends and I were making fun of everything. When we did finally managed to calm down, what we found was a incredibly dull and mundane love story. Contrary to the title, everyone does not die in the end and "Rodeo" is actually the horses' name, not the the love interest. It's about a girl who lives in the city and meets this cowboy and they fall madly in love. There is also a sub-plot with the mom that really doesn't go anywhere and is the most boring part of the film that is already boring to begin with. Nothing really happens in the film, there is no conflict. It's just a series of conversations about love that could have just been improvised on the spot. There is no sense of chemistry at all between the the cowboy and Juliet at all. It feels more like a film the "Hallmark Channel" would put out (I wouldn't be surprised if it was). There is a point where they compete in the barrel race and they don't even try to make it somewhat engaging.

Pros: Rodeo's acting

Grade: D+


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