E3 2017: All the games I'm looking forward to.

E3 is every gamers Superbowl. It comes one week a year and its where all the major gaming developers come together and announce and show off all their upcoming games they have to offer. And every year we watch the E3 conferences looking to be surprised. I felt the showing a little weak this year but that's only because the past couple E3's have been very solid. This time, not much new was announced, but there are a lot of games to look forward to. Such as:

"A Way Out"

 This game shown at EA's press conference was the only game I was interested in playing. What I love is how this game brings back the days where you could do splitscreen local co-op play. Not many games do that these days and I look forward to playing this narrative driven looking game about a prison escape. 

"The Last Night"

A smaller game, but with big ambition. "The Last Night" dazzled me with its beautiful visuals which reminded me of sort of like a Blade Runner- esque point and click adventure or side scroller. They only showed a small trailer but i'm already hyped up.

"Beyond Good and Evil 2"

It's been almost ten years since we've had another trailer for "Beyond Good and Evil 2" and now it's here. I quite enjoyed the first one with it's quirky characters and cartoony visuals. However, the trailer looks way more mature than the first one. It'll be interesting how they will tell the story especially since it's a prequel. I'll certainly have my eye on this game. 

"Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus"

I've never played a wolfenstein game before except if you count the demo, but this new Wolfenstein looks awesome. I have always had a fondness for games set in the 60's so i'll try just for that.

"Uncharted: Lost Legacy", "God of War", "Days Gone", "Spiderman"

The Sony conference was mostly about showing gameplay of games we already heard of from last year's conference so I just put them in one category. Yes, I am VERY excited for all these games. I will DEFINITELY play all of them. I DON'T need to see them again in a conference. "Spiderman" gameplay was amazing though. 

Honorable Mentions:

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: Looks like it'll be a good game but not in my wheelhouse. (Also I don't have a switch)
The Artful Escape: The art style looks good. I'm not so sure how the gameplay is though
Life is Strange: Before the Storm: I LOVE the first game. I would have preferred a game with completely different characters but I have faith in the team
Far Cry 5: I like the setting but the gameplay looked too much like far cry 3 and 4


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