"The Boss Baby" Review

"Dreamworks Animation" is sort of hit or miss for me. There's no doubt that they have made great movies before (Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda) but compared to Disney, they simply can't compare. Especially since recently they have made that forgettable alien film "Home" and the "Trolls" movie, So when I saw the trailer for "The Boss Baby", I was skeptical. For me, the trailer was unfunny and didn't really interest me in any way.
The plot is simple and the story pretty much goes where you might think a movie like this would go. The baby arrives and the son doesn't get along with the baby at first but they go on an adventure that strengthens their bond and so they have to work together in the end to stop a super villain. It never really takes any risks and plays it safe the whole way through. The jokes are fast-paces and reminded me of a more recent movie ("Storks") which had the same quick wit about it. There are lots of visual gags, mainly babies getting thrown from far distances. It depends on your  humor but I found myself chuckling at at least one or two jokes. When the movie attempts to pull on your heart strings like animated films do all the time, it does manage to succeed.

If there is one thing to call this movie it is "SAFE". There is nothing notable here but it is a crowd-pleaser so it's hard to hate it. It is no way a "great" movie, but it probably won't hurt to try.

Grade: B-


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