"Soma" Review

Underrated and often forgotten, "Soma" was the next game from game company "Frictional Games" who previously created "Amensia: The Dark Descent", a game that Youtube lets-players used to farm views out of which lead to it becoming a huge hit. I've never played Amnesia but after playing this game I'm more curious than ever.

The story revolves around Simon Jarrett, a man who is recovering from a car crash when his doctor asks him to try out a machine that will speed up the recovery process. When Simon does try it on, he wakes up and finds himself in a dilapidated space station infested with raptor looking robots and creatures that want to kill you. And so we traverse into this space station looking for what exactly happened. The thing I love about this game is its story. It's a very original, very fresh take on the whole creatures up in space genre. There is a whole lot more to the game than what I just explained and it's way better to not spoil yourself what happens.

In terms of scares, there are plenty of it but never anything that feels cheap. Its the combination of the setting, the atmosphere, the amazing sound design, and the whole look of the game that makes it scary. And I think the whole reason why it never got to an  "Amnesia" type of popularity is because there isn't as much of those "Got you!" moments. It is also very story driven and the reason why I wanted to continue and progress to the game was because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. What did happen while I was on that machine? These are what a great horror game is because it can get pretty tiring just being scared every moment of the game.

I don't really have any problems with the game. I think it is an amazing, well-made, game that more people should play. I got from the steam summer sale for $5- $6 and am not disappointed. I will probably play it again as soon as I build up enough courage to relive the madness that I just played.

Grade: A


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