Nostalgia Blast: "Bully" Game Review

 "Bully" holds a very special place in my heart. Not many games, if not never at all, choose to set their game in a high school. I played Bully back when it was on Ps2, and loved every minute of it, replaying and replaying it after I beat it. I'm not sure but I think I beat the game over twenty times, it was that good. But back then I was scrawny 11 year old who loved the feeling of beating up everyone in school. Sociophatic, I know, but it is probably why I loved it so much back then. It was a stress reliever after school when all you wanted to do was relax. Playing it now on the Ps4, After I've finished high school, does it still hold up?

Yes, yes it does! But that doesn't mean it's perfect. It definitely shows its age at some parts, and other parts aren't as good as I remember it. However, the fun factor is still there. Each mission gives you new tools and upgrades that you can use to bully helpless teenagers. The characters are still quirky and memorable as they are. And it still feels satisfying to pretend that you're running the school. The music is what really stands out. It fits the game so well and never gets tiring even when its repeated over and over again.

On to the stuff that doesn't hold up, the controls feels a little bit clunkier though and makes turning a sharp corner harder than it should be. The main difference I felt while playing it was that the story felt kind of rushed. One moment everyone likes you, then the next moment everyone hates you. I thought Gary was more of a threat but it feels as though they just added him in as a villain at the very end to have some conflict. Also, the bosses are dirt easy to beat. Especially because of the tools that you gain throughout the game, you're pretty much untouchable if you play your cards right.

"Bully" is still a great game, in my opinion. It may not be "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" levels of greatness, but it still has this certain charm to it. It's a relatively small game which is probably why it resonates with so many people. To this day, I await the announcement of "Bully 2". Rockstar, make it happen!


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